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Thanks for nothing!

When someone gives you a glaze recipe they have given you nothing. Perhaps a road map with a bunch of directions to follow but not a straight road by any means. Since I have been home people have asked which clay at Starworks did I like. The truth is I don't know yet. I haven't seen the clay fired successfully my way in my kilns, with my glazes and with my firing /cooling schedule.
This is one reason I think John Britts book on High Fire Glazes is the best out there. John gives you the glaze formula and the firing schedule. This is crucial! It still ain't a straight road but at least it's paved most of the way.
I got back into the studio today and of course I had to make glazes which is tedious. I had some vases from December awaiting and some bisque I brought home from Starworks. Mostly I have Dark Star Wild as I anticipate leaving some clay showing in my gas kiln as well as the woodie. I am firing both wood and gas this weekend so I'll have more of an idea who to…

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